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Senior Pastor of the Riverview Christian Church, Memphis, Tennessee, was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He is the son of Mr. Charles Liggins and Judy Liggins. Gregory is the third sibling of five.

He attended Carver High School, Memphis, TN from which he graduated in 1973.  As a young man in his late teens, Gregory joined the military to serve in the United States Navy. After serving for four years, he was honorably discharged and he was a veteran of Vietnam and Desert Storm wars.

Upon returning from service, Gregory was hired by the United States Postal Service. While he was employed by the Post Office, he also attended the Jacksonville School of Theology, in Jacksonville, Florida, to pursue his ministerial studies. He graduated four years later with a Doctoral Degree in Theology.  With the support of his mother and siblings, Gregory decided to devote the rest of his life to full time ministering and spreading the word of the Lord. Gregory announced his calling to the ministry in the year of 1978. He accepted the position of Senior Pastor at Riverview Christian Church in Memphis, Tennessee in 2010.
Gregory has been blessed with a marriage to Annie Liggins. He is also a father of five children which includes four sons — Gregory Jr., Christopher, Travis and Julian and one daughter—Jasmine.


Elder Dr. Gregory B. Liggins, Sr.

Pastor'S Wife

Pastor'S Wife

Annie Liggins is an educator who delights in working with children. After high school, she attended Lemoyne-Owens College to pursue her dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. She also enjoys reading, baking, fishing, and visiting with the elderly whenever time allows.

Annie has been married to Elder Gregory Liggins for over 14 years and works with him in order to accomplish the vision and mission of the church and its community. She serves in the choir, assists in the Sunday School Department, the Finance Committee, and the Children’s Ministry. The  motivational bible verses that encourages her to work and serve is found in Ephesians 6: 6-7.

Sister Annie and Pastor Liggins extend a hearty welcome to you and your family to join them and the Riverview Christian Church family for any church service or Bible study experience. Riverview is a place where families and individuals can grow and glow in grace and knowledge as the word of God is taught in love.  They have a desire to see God’s supernatural power at work in the lives of others and for them to know that they can enjoy life in Christ.


Annie Liggins