Riverview Christian Church was established in 1949 as part of a trust established by A. Maceo Walker, son of Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Lela Walker, a prominent African American family that also established Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church in 1921.  The Walker family believed the newly developed community needed a  church in the Riverside Mallory subdivision occupied by low and moderate income homeowners, primarily veterans and their families. The land was donated and the trust funding covered the building of the existing church structure, and operational costs for more than 30 years.

Riverview Christian Church, when established in 1949 conducted weekly Sunday School, Sunday Morning Services, Christian Youth Fellowship, and Sunday Evening Services.  All services were conducted by deacons and the minister.  Choir rehearsals were conducted once per week.  Musicians and the minister were compensated then as the trust provided the monthly operational budget and there was never a loan or mortgage. The trust sustained the church for more than 20 years.

Since 2008, the current  ministerial leader,  Elder Gregory Liggins Sr., a native of the community has been instrumental in revitalizing the church; and securing volunteers to make vital repairs to secure the structure. Currently the church’s membership has increased to 77 members,  sufficient to have  three voting representatives in the General Assembly.  The  increase in church membership is attributable to the church’s outreach efforts to families in the neighborhood needing support.  The church hosts weekly alcohol and substance abuse 12 step groups for families of the community.  The Police Department’s PAL Association in conjunction with Riverview has become involved in mentoring neighborhood youth.

chronological history of our church leadership

1949-1951; Dr Blair T Hunt

1951 – 1952; Elder A. C. Crawford

1952-1953; Elder Tillman

1953-1954; Elder Johnson

1954-1955; Elder Ferguson

1955-1956; Elder Dickerson

1956-1957; Elder Paige

1957 – 1960; Rev Kenneth Whalum

1960 – 1963; Elder Evans

1963-2002; Unaccounted

2002-2005; Rev Jamison Bowman

2005-2008; Vacant

2008 – Present; Elder Gregory B Liggins, Sr